Weather Cancellations

Because we do not rely on the WCSD busing, and our program does not begin until 9:00am, St. Mary’s Little Lambs will remain open with our regular schedule when there is a one or two hour delay with the school district.

Our pm Kindergarten Enriched students at Little Lambs will have to provide their own transportation to Little Lambs as the 2 hour delay will cancel the Kindergarten am program at Taft.

Our am Kindergarten Enriched students at Little Lambs will be transported at the regular time, by the district’s busing, over to Taft Elementary School for the Kindergarten session there. The one or two hour delay will not affect our am KE students transport over to Taft.

When there is a district school closing, we too will be closed.

Please be advised that we subscribe to an automated calling system and you will be reminded and notified when there is bad weather. If your phone number(s) change, be sure to update us immediately.

When you received your school opening packet the weather cancellation information was part of the packet and printed on purple paper. There will always be extras of these in the foyer of Little Lambs.