Our Staff & Instructors

PASTOR :          Father Jeffrey Maurer

DIRECTOR:       Val Wojnicki

OFFICE MANAGER :  Kenia Farrell

TEACHERS:          Donna Ascenzo, Rebecca Pagan, Eileen Allen, Stacie Lazo, Kim Mule

TEACHER AIDES:    Kelly Kelleher, Melissa Pierro


Miss Val – Val Wojnicki has been an educator for forty years now and counting.  She holds two Master’s Degrees, one in education from Hofstra University and one in Religious Studies from The Institute of Religious Studies at Dunwoodie.  Retiring from teaching in June of 2012, she took on the position of Director at Little Lambs Preschool in the fall of 2013.  Her position as an adjunct professor for L.I.U., teaching graduate courses on early literacy skills, has provided for a rich background in developing curriculum and offering guidance to Little Lambs’ staff.  She resides with her husband in Washingtonville, has two married sons and two grandchildren.  She counts herself blessed to be part of Little Lambs and to work with such a talented staff that is dedicated to making each day productive, while having fun through learning.

Miss Kenia– Kenia Farrell has started her second year at Little Lambs.  Kenia’s twin children were both Little Lambs years ago.  She is an active participant  in the Washingtonville Community and in St. Mary’s Parish.  Kenia brings her talents to Little Lambs in organizing our computers, excel programs, and just about anything she puts her mind to.  She goes above and beyond for the school, the children and the staff.  We would be lost without her.

Miss Donna – Donna Ascenzo comes to Little Lambs with a master’s degree in education.  She has years of experience in both the classroom as well as in staff development.  Donna is a parishioner at St. Mary’s and is an active participant in the Washingtonville community.  She joined the Little Lambs staff in January of 2016.  To watch Donna teach is to know how devoted she is to her students.  She loves them and they love her.  (3-year-olds am)

Miss Kim – Kim Mule comes to us with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood. She has years of experience teaching Kindergarten and brings her expertise and knowledge to our program at Little Lambs. She is a parishioner of St. Mary’s and an active member of our community. When watching Miss Kim, her passion for teaching and her love for children is evident. She is a wonderful addition to the staff.

Miss Eileen – Eileen Allen has long been a friend of Little Lambs.  Her three children have all attended the preschool and Eileen has been an active parent volunteer working hard, in collaboration, on our annual Family Picnic.  Now, she returns to teaching after raising her young children.  Eileen holds a master’s degree in education and comes to Little Lambs with previous years of teaching experience.  It is our privilege to have her in the classroom with our Kindergarten Enriched children.  (K.E. am)

Miss Stacie – Stacie Lazo joins Little Lambs this year (Fall 2016) as one of our Kindergarten Enriched teachers.  She too comes to us with a master’s degree in education and former teaching experience.  Stacie brings a positive energy to our Kindergarteners who are eager to learn to read and write.  We welcome her to our staff. (K.E. pm)

Miss Melissa– Melissa Pierro is no stranger to Little Lambs.  Her three children have attended the preschool and her youngest, Ella, was with us last year in the Kindergarten Enriched Program.  She is the teaching assistant to Miss Rebecca with the four year olds.  She is an active member of the parish and of the community.  Melissa brings a joyful presence to the classroom which can be seen by the children who gather around her.  We are so glad she has become part of our staff. (4-year-olds am/pm)

Miss Kelly– Kelly Kelleher is new this Fall at Little Lambs.  Kelly is an assistant to Miss Donna and together they work with the three year olds.  Miss Kelly’s gentle voice and calm spirit are just what the apprehensive three year olds need.  She has helped them adjust to a new experience and is a great addition to the classroom.  (3-year-olds am)

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