Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of programs do you present at Little Lambs?

We offer a variety of different options both am and pm sessions as well as all day sessions.  You can choose the days you need.  Programs will run based on enrollment.   This is true for our three year olds, four year olds and Kindergarten Enriched children.

We also offer a before and after care program.

What skills are being addressed at the three and four year old levels?

Our teachers are certified by accredited universities and our programs are based on the skills for the appropriate age, as well as being in alignment with the state standards.  For more detail see our progress reports which can be found under forms on our website:

Is the school licensed?

Yes, the school is licensed as a day care under the Office of Child and Family Services.  This license is required to run a preschool.  With it comes teacher requirements, student to teacher ratios and ample space for children.


Is religion taught at St. Mary’s Little Lambs?

We are a catholic preschool and the children do say a morning prayer and a prayer before snack.   Some of our songs address God by name.  Our Christmas show reflects the birth of Jesus as well as the traditional Christmas festivities celebrated by all.  The children do talk about bible stories like Noah’s ark and creation.


Is Little Lambs a peanut free school?

Yes, Little Lambs is a peanut free school.


What size are your classes?

We abide by the state requirements when it comes to the class size.  We strive to never have less than six children in a class and the ratio for three year olds is 7:1 (teacher) four year olds 8:1 (teacher) and five year olds 9:1 (teacher)  We hold true to these ratios and have several volunteers who assist us.