About Our Preschool

Social and Emotional Goals

Jesus calls each of our little lambs to develop their own special gifts.

  • Through innovative experiences, children will engage with one another by participating in new and exciting activities.
  • Exploration, discovery, language and motor development are integrated through play, arts and crafts, drama, early stages of literacy, age appropriate print conventions and prayer.
  • All of our children will be given the opportunity to express their new independence in a secure environment outside the familiar setting of their homes.

Physical Goals

  • Each day our children will engage in play with their peers.
  • Activities within the classroom will address age appropriate fine motor skills. 


Academic Goals

  • Our program at Little Lambs will be aligned with the standards set by New York State for Pre K age children.
  • We will address age appropriate print conventions and phono-logical awareness skills which will not be limited to, but will include:

listening games


detecting rhyme

word and sentence structure

awareness of syllables in words

matching initial consonant sounds

matching ending consonant sounds

introduction to identification of upper and lower case letters

matching upper and lower case letters

  • Development of vocabulary
  • Awareness of print
  • Emergent Writing
  • Identifying colors, shapes, numbers, rote counting

 What Will Your Child Be DoingWhile at Preschool?

(skills may vary with 3- and 4-year olds)

 Daily Goal: A Day Filled with Discovery, Fun and Learning!!

 Warm Welcome

 Teacher Directed Learning Centers Based on Program Goals

Circle Time includes Daily Routines

(prayer, calendar, weather, show and tell)

Reading Workshop

Read Aloud with Targeted Skill Instruction as Determined by the Teacher

 Project Time (crafts)

 Snack and Playground

 Writer’s Workshop (emergent writing skills)

 Science and Math (optional)

Music and Motion

Prayer and Dismissal



Admission is open to all children in St. Mary’s Parish, as well as the surrounding communities.   Children will be placed in classes according to their age. All three- year- olds are either pottie trained or working toward that goal. Class size will be limited to the state ratios of 7:1 for three year olds, 8:1 for four year olds and 9:1 for five year olds.


A non-refundable first time registration fee of $50.00 will be payable upon receipt of a completed registration form.


For the school year 2017-18,the tuition will depend on the program needed by each individual family and will be discussed with the director at the registration of the child,or on the phone when calling to inquire about the programs.

Monthly payments are due on or before the 5th th of each month. The monthly tuition reflects the total program tuition, divided over apayment period of ten months, and therefore is not prorated due to holidays, snow days, vacations or cancellations.  There will be a $10.00 late fee applied to late tuitions. If there is an extenuating circumstance, a payment plan will be worked out with the Director, Val Wojnicki. 



If a child withdraws in September the tuition will be prorated and the security deposit will be refunded as well. After October 15th, there will not be a return of tuition for any month and the Security tuition will be not be refundable.  



Promptness in your child’s arrival is important for the child’s participation in the activities of the day.   Please be prompt for dismissal as well. If you are unavoidably delayed when picking up your child, please call us at 496-7221. We will make arrangements to care for your child until your arrival. The safety of the child will always come first.   Your child will only be dismissed to another person’s care if they are on the release form or we have this request in writing or a phone call prior to the start of the school day. This is essential for your child’s safety.


Birthdays are special days of celebration for the children.  Please discuss with your child’s teacher how you would like to participate for your child.


Although there is no dress code at Little Lambs, children should be dressed in comfortable, washable clothing that is suitable for sitting on the rug. Clothing should allow for self-dressing, which fosters a sense of confidence and independence. Pants with elastic waists are preferable until they can manage more difficult fasteners.  Sneakers are best for playground equipment. Please place some form of identification in your child’s jackets and sweaters. This is extremely helpful in the winter months. If your child should leave clothing at school, check with their teacher as each classroom will keep a lost and found.

Since we spend part of each day outside, weather permitting, it is essential that your child come dressed properly for both the weather and the season.

If you know that your child may occasionally have a toileting accident, please provide a change of clothing in a zip lock bag with your child’s name, teacher’s name and am or pm class clearly marked on the bag.  We will keep that here at school in case of an accident. Also be sure you have filled out a toileting letter so that we know what option of care you are comfortable with in our assisting your child with toileting needs.

Smocks will be provided when painting. All of the paints used in school are washable.


All students must have a copy of their up-to-date immunizations on file by the first full day of class. Preschoolers do not need to have a physical examination.



St. Mary’s Little Lambs Preschool encourages parents to be part of their child’s education.  Where your child is concerned, our teachers are available for conferences throughout the year.  Formal Parent/Teacher progress report conferences will be held in January and the progress report will again be assessed by the teacher and given to the parents in June. This end of the year report will not be accompanied by a parent teacher conference but can be scheduled, if you wish.

Parents will be asked to chaperone and drive children on various class trips throughout the year.

Class parties and class moms and dads will have an opportunity to sign up in September.  The activity taken at the beginning of the year will be distributed to class party parents to do the shopping for the children’s parties. (Halloween, Christmas and Easter)

June Picnic

All parents are involved in this annual event for our families. There will be chairpersons who will coordinate activities.  More information will be available in the Grapevine as we near the June Picnic.


 Bookbags for 3s and 4s: 

We ask that your children have an appropriate sized book bag for their age.  It is more a novelty for them, as they do not have textbooks and notebooks to carry with them.  A small bookbag that is manageable is appreciated.

Parent Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Children will be dropped off outside the school where the teachers will come out to escort the children and bring them in. They will be dismissed in the same fashion. Promptness is appreciated.


Communication is essential between parents and teachers in providing the best learning environment possible for your child. You may communicate with your child’s teacher by a note, phone call, or a visit; as needed.  It is important that teachers are kept aware of significant changes in your child’s life that may affect their school behavior. As required by our state license, a health check is done each morning. Therefore, if your child has not slept well or may be feeling a little under the weather, please communicate that to the teacher at drop off.

Pertinent information concerning St. Mary’s Little Lambs will be printed in the Sunday bulletin, as well as in our monthly newsletter, The Grapevine.   We urge you to read this to keep up to date with Little Lambs’ happenings.  If you misplace your Grapevine monthly newsletter, it may be downloaded from our website and there are always extra copies in the foyer entrance.

Again, if you need to speak with the teacher at anytime in the year, please contact her and set up an appointment.

Our Director, Val Wojnicki, will always be available to discuss any concerns you may have about your child.



St. Mary’s Little Lambs Preschool will differ slightly so please watch the calendar. Extra calendars are always available throughout the year in the foyer. Please take note of the Weather Cancellation Procedure for Little Lambs as it differs from the school district. Everyone was supplied with this printout, when you registered, but extras are always in the foyer. You may also download it under forms. In addition, St Mary’s subscribes to an automated messaging system, One Call Now, and you will receive a call to inform you of Little Lambs closings or delays. All the numbers you listed with us will be notified by our messaging system.



Parents will be responsible for providing a peanut-free snack for their child each day.  Please provide a nutritious snack. You may send the snacks and drinks in a lunch box with your child’s name.
 If a child, for some reason, does not come with a snack, we will be certain that they have something to eat. 

Little Lambs’ Preschool is dedicated to developing your child socially, emotionally, academically, and spiritually.

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