About Our Kindergarten Enrichment Program

Social and Emotional Goals

 Jesus calls each of our little lambs to develop their own special gifts.

  • Exploration, discovery, language and motor development are integrated through play, arts and crafts, drama, early stages of literacy, age appropriate print conventions and prayer.
  • All our children will be given the opportunity to develop their independence in a secure and loving environment.

Physical Goals

  • Each day our children will engage in outdoor play with their peers.
  • Activities within the classroom will address age appropriate fine motor skills through a variety of activities.


Academic Goals

  • Our program at Little Lambs will be aligned with the standards set by New York State for Kindergarten age children.
  • We will address age appropriate print conventions,  phonological awareness skills, phonics, comprehension, writing, language and listening skills; numbers, operations and problem solving through:

listening games


detecting and production of rhyme

word and sentence structure

awareness of syllables in words

identification of initial consonant sounds, ending and medial sounds

identification of and matching of upper and lower case alphabet letters

segmenting of syllables and phonemes within a given word

one to one correspondence of letter and sound

develop short vowel patterns through a multisensory approach

identifies grade appropriate sight words

can draw on prior knowledge

make predictions

identifies story elements

begins to develop emergent writing skills using letter sounds

  • Development of vocabulary
  • Awareness of print (writes own name and alphabet letters)

 Math Skills

  •  Demonstrates 1 to 1 correspondence
  • Sorts and classifies objects by position, shape, size, color, number of corners, etc.
  • Understanding of symmetry
  • Identifies, copies, extends and creates patterns
  • Can count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s
  • Identifies the five basic shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle)
  • Draws the five basic shapes
  • Identifies numerals (0-10)
  • Labels sets (0-10) with correct numeral
  • Compares sets of objects and uses the terms equal, more than, or less than correctly
  • Can count backwards from 10
  • Identifies coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)
  • Joins and separates sets of objects
  • Tells time to the hour
  • Identifies half versus whole
  • Divides sets of objects into equal groups
  • Measures length with a variety of non-standard measurements
  • Compares measurements and uses the terms shorter, longer, taller, heavier, cooler, holds more, etc. correctly)
  • Uses positional words to explain location (left, right, on, off, inside, between, above, below, etc.)
  • Makes and interprets simple graphs
  • Has understanding of addition and subtraction concepts
  • Develops math vocabulary

Fine Motor Skills

  • Holds pencils and scissors correctly
  • Cuts on lines
  •  Colors within the lines


Gross Motor Skills

  • Hops on both feet together
  • Hops on one foot (left and right)
  • Marches
  • Gallops
  • Skips


Home Skills

  • Recites address from memory
  • Recites telephone number from memory (including area code)
  • Recites birth date (including year)
  • Demonstrates the ability to put on and fasten outer clothing (unassisted)
  • Ties shoes


Social and Work Habits

  • Puts forth best efforts in work
  • Takes care of school materials
  • Uses self-control to follow school rules
  • Works independently
  • Completes work in a reasonable amount of time
  • Follows directions
  • Listens attentively to others
  • Stays on task
  • Willingly participates in activities


Kindergarten students are introduced to science and social studies topics as well to enrich their general knowledge.  Some sample topics are:


Possible Science Topics

  • Natural Sciences: animals, plants, weather, space, earth science
  • Physical Sciences:  magnets, float and sink, etc.
  • Health and Safety:  teeth, body parts, nutrition and food groups, five senses, fire safety, etc.

Possible Social Studies Topics

  • Home:  Self/Family/Friends
  • Community:  community helpers
  • History:  Holidays such as Thanksgiving, President’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, Memorial Day, etc.
  • Economics:  wants and needs
  • Government:  respecting rules and rights of others



ADMISSION POLICY:Admission is open to all children in St. Mary’s Parish, as well as the surrounding community. Class size will be limited to a ratio of 9:1 as set by NYSED.  Priority will be given to returning St. Mary’s Little Lambs’children.  New students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.


A non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 will be payable upon receipt of a completed registration form.


For the school year 2017-18, tuition costs can be obtained by calling us at 845-496-7221 or by stopping in anytime.   Monthly payments are due on or before the 10th of each month.  The monthly tuition reflects the total program tuition, divided over a payment period of ten months, and therefore is not prorated due to holidays, snow days, vacations or cancellations.  There will be a $10.00 late fee incurred if tuition is not paid on time.  The Director will address any delinquency in tuition payment.



ARRIVALS AND DISMISSALS:Promptness in your child’s arrival is important for the child’s participation in the activities of the day. Our formal day begins at 9:00.  Please be prompt for dismissal. If you are unavoidably delayed when picking up your child, please call us at 496 – 7221. We will make arrangements to care for your child until your arrival. The safety of the child will always come first.We will only dismiss your child to another person’s care if we have this request in writing or a phone call prior to the start of the school day. This is essential for your child’s safety.



Birthdays are our special day and are always celebrated at Little Lambs.  Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher.


Although there is no dress code at Little Lambs, children should be dressed in comfortable, washable clothing that is suitable for sitting on the rug. Clothing should allow for self-dressing, which fosters a sense of confidence and independence. Pants with elastic waists are preferable until they can manage more difficult fasteners.  Sneakers are best for steps and ladders.

Please place some form of identification in your child’s jackets and sweaters that may be worn to school.

Since we spend part of each day outside, weather permitting, it is essential that your child come dressed properly for both the weather and the season.


Smocks will be provided when painting, but be aware that clothing may be stained nonetheless. All our paints used in school are washable.


All students must have a copy of their up-to-date immunizations on file by the first full day of class. Students do not need to have a physical examination.


St. Mary’s Little Lambs Preschool encourages parents to be part of their child’s education.  Where your child is concerned, our teachers are available for conferences throughout the year.  Parents will also be asked to chaperone and drive children on various class trips.

From time to time, parents may be asked to sign up and help out for a special activity.


Parent Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

At Little Lambs, our school day begins at 9:00am.  We appreciate your punctuality, as late arrivals are a disruption to the school day. 


Communication is essential between parents and teachers in providing the best learning environment possible for your child. You may communicate with your child’s teacher by a note, phone call or a visit, as needed.  It is important that teachers are kept aware of significant changes in your child’s life that may affect their school behavior.

Pertinent information concerning St. Mary’s Little Lambs will be printed in the Sunday bulletin, as well as in our monthly newsletter, “The Grapevine.”  If you misplace your monthly newsletter, it may be downloaded from our website. Extras are also kept in the foyer area at the main entrance to the school.

Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled in January.  If you need to speak with the teacher at anytime in the year, please contact her and set up an appointment.

Our Director, Val Wojnicki, will always be available to discuss any concerns you may have about your child. 


St Mary’s subscribes to an automated messaging system and you will receive a call to inform you of Little Lambs closings or delays. Our school calendar and differs slightly from the district calendar. You can download the calendar on our website, request one at the school or find them in the foyer area of the main entrance.


Kindergarten Enriched children will bring a lunch packed from home to be eaten at Little Lambs.  Please do not pack a lunch that needs to be heated.  You are welcome to send food in a thermos if you’d like but teachers will not be heating up lunches at Little Lambs.